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Algebra and Geometry

Beth Gabler Math Teacher.jpgTeacher: Ms. Gabrel

Course Description: Algebra is aligned with the California State Standards and framework. Algebra one is intended to build a foundation for all higher math classes.  This course will review algebraic expressions, integers and mathematical properties that will lead into working with variables and linear equations.  There will be a study of graphing, polynomials, quadratic equations, data analysis and systems of equations through direct class instruction, homework, and technology.


Teacher Bio:

Name :  Beth Gabler

College:  Diablo Valley College, Minot State University, Phoenix University

Degrees:  Bachelors in education, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy

Credentials:  Multi Subject Credential with a Major in Math

Years in Education:  20

Years at this school:  13

Courses :  CAHSEE, Algebra, Geometry 

Spoken Word

Course Description:

This course introduces the history and basics of spoken word poetry.  ELA Standards are used for instruction of this course.  Students will work on constructing poems through the use of media, written and spoken word literature. 

Student Activities

Deatra Isadore Activities.jpgTeacher: Ms. Isadore

Comp App. Course Description:

This course introduces students to the proper technique for Keyboarding and Microsoft Word. At the conclusion of the course, the student should be able to produce professional appearing documents (formatting tools) in an error free (proofreading tools) and time efficient (shortcuts) manner. This course will help prepare the student for Microsoft User Specialist (MOUS) certification, and publishing presentations.

Leadership Course Description:

This elective course is primarily an activity class. All members are expected to learn the duties and responsibilities of every office holder in the organization. Time is spent in discussion of various phases of school life. An attempt is made to have discussions end with concrete suggestions (or conclusions) while learning and practicing the basic rules of parliamentary procedures.

Music Appreciation

Course Description:

This course introduces students to historical and cultural dimensions of music.  Students will analyze the role of music in the past and present cultures and generations.  Noting cultural diversity as it relates to music, musicians and composers.  Students will read and notate music as well as listen to, analyze and identify musical instruments.

World History and Economics

Christopher Verreos Social Science Teacher.jpg

Teacher: Mr. Verros

Economics Course Description:   Students will be introduced to the principles of Economics. We use the District adopted textbook “Economics, Principles in Action” along with other resource materials. Students will learn and demonstrate their knowledge of Economics vocabulary and concepts through textbook assignments, homework, class discussion, critical thinking exercises, class activities and projects, and current events ( students do all their written assignments in their journals).

World History Course Description:   Students will be introduced to the California standards for Modern World History through the District adopted textbook of “World History”. Students will compare past and present events, evaluating the consequences of each, including how changes take place at different places and times based upon sociological factors, technology, values and beliefs. Students will develop geography skills by working with maps and other visual data. Students will apply logic and critical thinking skills to identify valid arguments, bias, and points of view. Students will have textbook assignments, class discussions, current events, critical thinking exercises, class activities and project based learning, ( students do all their written assignments in their journals).

Teacher Bio: My name is Christopher Verreos and I’m a native San Franciscan. I graduated from SF State University in Business Management.  After working in various fields for almost twenty years, including Christian education, I chose to become a high School teacher. My extensive business experience along with my love for history helped make my dream possible. Since earning my Teaching Credential in Social Science, I’ve been teaching at Peoples High School, now John Finney H.S., for 15 years.

Each year has brought new challenges and opportunities to help students succeed. This year, technology has greatly improved so that class room instruction now has many resources directly from the Internet to enrich instruction and learning. I look forward to many more productive years with our supportive Principal and staff.