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Aliesha McCurn

Office Manager

(707) 556-8670

Attendance Clerk


(707) 556-8670 x57406


Attendance at John Finney High is a voluntary placement. It is not mandatory that a student attends this school. A student can be dropped from school at any time and directed to go back to their home school.

To maintainattendance a John Finney High School you must:

  • Passing at least 5 classes
  • No more than 8 absences
  • No more than 5 referrals from two or more teachers
  • No more than 5 suspension days
  • No more than 8 tardies in 1st or 6th period or you will lose that class. 2nd-5th periods, 8 or more tardies or cuts (leaving class without permission) you are in danger of being dropped from John Finney.