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About John Finney

About John Finney
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John W. Finney, a native of Los Angeles' Watts neighborhood, first visited Vallejo in 1947, to play against the Vallejo Junior College football team on Corbus field. This would the first time he would come in contact with the community in which he would eventually have positive impact on. Mr. Finney studied Social Studies at the University of San Francisco and came to education as a second career. For 16 years, Mr. Finney served in the juvenile division at the San Francisco Police Department. Eventually, he returned to school and began teaching social studies. In 1972, he was named principal over the work study program that would eventually become People's High School. Mr. Finney was the principal at People's High School until 1986. Finney oversaw the transformation from a program that had 45 students in attendance but nearly 150 enrolled to one that had a regular attendance of 200 students. The school has since been re-named in his honor for all of his dedication, hard work, and commitment to the young people of Vallejo and is now known as John Finney High School. John Finney High School still functions in the spirit of the man it has been dedicated to. The mission and vision of the school still focuses on providing opportunities for students who have had difficulty in the past to graduate with a high school diploma through credit recovery. As a school community there is an emphasis on each student "Pulling Their Own Weight" and that anything is possible despite roadblocks and obstacles.

John W. Finney High School: Vision Statement

  • Our Vision is for every student to have an opportunity towards graduation and the choice to choose a vocation and or higher education despite obstacles such as credit deficiency.
  • Our Goal is that our students will have every opportunity to recover high school credits necessary for graduation, defeat obstacles blocking educational goals, and prepared with skills necessary for vocation and higher learning.
  • In Support of our Vision we will target these students and provide the necessary opportunity and intervention.

John W Finney High School: Mission Statement

  • Our Mission is to provide support for highly credit deficient high school students by offering flexible and innovative methods through credit recovery and vocational training.

School Motto-Pull your own weight and graduate

Students will pull their weight through

  • Academics-All students are required to do all assigned work, study all their work and pass the tests.
  • Attendance-Students are required to attend school every day on time and to bring a note for any absences
  • Behavior-Students are to conduct themselves in such a way as to not cause any distractions. Student need to respect the rules and our expectations. To help maintain a safe environment. To be a positive contributor to our school community.


  • 40-80 credits deficient
  • 16-17 years of age
  • No serious behavior or attendance issues
  • Shows a focus to get back on track

Uniform Policy


Black or White Solid Color Polo Shirt

(Polo Shirts Only)


KHAKI COLORED pants, cargo shorts, skirts, or skorts are allowed.

(Shorts must be knee length and can be worn in warm weather only. The cannot be torn, spandex, stretch pants, or jean material.)



No other color will be allowed on the shoes. Tennis Shoes are allowed.

(No sandals, flip flops, house shoes, or shoes that are not secured to the heel of your foot be allowed.)


Black, white, tan or gray beanies only. (No other color will be allowed)

(No caps, scarves, doo rags, or any other hat other than a beanie will be allowed.)


Black belts only.

(No other color will be allowed)


Black, white, tan or grey only.

(No other color will be allowed).

No student will be allowed in class in violation of this policy. Any students in consistent violation of this policy will be dropped from John Finney High School and returned to their home school.